Financial Markets Analysis, LLC
Services We Provide

Our consultants provide an array of independent financial valuation services specifically geared toward the needs of FMA’s clients. The extensive knowledge and experience of our professional staff conveys a unique combination of precision and comprehension to each engagement.

The primary areas of our expertise are as follows:

• Valuation for Transaction Purposes

- Fairness Opinions
- Independent assessment of consideration being offered in a merger or business combination
- Pre Initial Public Offering analysis
- Market analysis and assessment of competitive position
- Valuation of closely-held companies and their employee stock options

• Valuation for Dispute Resolution

- Valuation of assets at the center of marital dissolution
- Valuation of shareholder and/or partnership interests and franchises
- Reasonableness of compensation

• Economic Damage Assessment and Litigation Support

- Calculation of security-holder damages in class action litigations brought under the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
- Calculation of plan participant damages in actions brought under ERISA
- Lost profits calculations
- Economic damage computations for actions brought under consumer fraud statutes
- Early case assessment including potential settlement value
- Expert testimony in areas of market efficiency, materiality, loss causation and damages
- Assistance in discovery including preparation for the depositions of financial executives and opposing expert witnesses
- Assistance in structuring a financial settlement, evaluating the fairness of a settlement, and determining an appropriate Plan of Allocation
- Large and small-scale data management, damage analyses and recovery estimations for Class Action opt-out clients

See our Representative Engagements for more detailed information on a sample of our work.